Stuff We Like

Here are links to tools and other stuff I can recommend, being a satisfied customer myself.
I am not affiliated with any of these folks, just like their stuff.

The Gulland Forge is a craftsman blacksmith in Wisconsin.  His sturdy broadfork tool is used to deeply loosen garden soil without the noise and stink of a rototiller, and doesn't disturb the soil-food web present in established garden beds.

I also like the digging tools from  If you've never weeded using a well-designed and sharp garden hoe, you're missing out.  Be sure to read his notes on sharpening to keep your tools in proper shape.

After rebuilding the store-bought one yet again, I finally built a sturdier and larger "whiz-bang" garden cart for the yard and garden.  I'll probably build another for the barn and pasture, but make it a little narrower, so it fits through the man-gates.  I also love his wheel hoe kit, which has made weeding the veggie garden much easier and faster, and this year I'm implementing his idea for simple row covers.  When the apple orchard is mature, I'll probably try his cider press plans, too.

Wood dust is a serious health risk, even for hobbyists, and limiting your exposure is an investment in your future health.  If you or your spouse is a hobbyist woodworker, check out the ergonomically designed Festool power tools, which have the most effective built-in dust extraction available on handheld power tools.    My favorite online Festool dealer is Bob Marino.  For large stationary tools, I think the only well-designed dust collector is made by ClearVue Cyclones.

If you're a woodturner, I encourage you to try out Thompson Tools, who make the best gouges I've found and at a reasonable price.