More about Options

You don't need to specify your exact order when placing the deposit, as there's several months of waiting before I begin building your wheel.  When the time comes to finalize your order and start your Pocket Wheel, then you'll need to make some choices.  Here's a guide to the questions I'll be asking when that time comes.

Your first decision will be the hardwood material for your wheel overall: maple, cherry, or walnut.  Variations on this are possible, with the most common being a "half-and-half" wheel, where the big wheel is a different hardwood than the frame and treadles, usually maple and cherry.

You may also opt for a figured or custom wood on the big wheel, either to compliment or contrast the remainder of the wheel.  A popular choices is "fiddleback" maple, and more information on figured and custom options can be found on the custom veneers page.

Each wheel comes standard with three matching hardwood bobbins, but you may opt for other woods, as well as additional bobbins.  The most common choice is two each of maple, cherry, and walnut.  For the bobbins themselves, there are two core materials available: a white PVC-type material is standard on the maple bobbins, and a brown composite material is standard on the cherry and walnut bobbins.  Using the alternate core material is available on request.

The Pocket Wheel's hardwood flyer comes with two yarn guide hooks on the flyer head, and one yarn slider for the arms.  The flyer is made from hardwood to match the frame, but you can opt for a contrasting wood, either one of the three standard woods or a custom hardwood
The flyer's arms are a rigid gray aluminum tube -- older versions used solid oak rod, which is also available on request.  The single yarn slider can be used on either flyer arm, and a second yarn slider is available.

If all these choices seem overwhelming, or you want to better understand the end result of your choices, give me a call or drop me an email,
so we can discuss and work through them.