Woolee Winders

A Woolee Winder built especially for the Pocket Wheel is now available, using the same delta orifice as the standard hardwood flyer. You'll never again need to pause your spinning to move the sliding butterfly hook, nor crane your neck to check the bobbin's fullness. Please note that these are only available from me, and not from the Woolee Winder folks directly. The Woolee bobbins are unique to this model, so bobbins from other Woolee models are not compatible.

Wheels built after August 2010 (#153 and later) are tested with both hardwood and Woolee flyers prior to shipment, so one can be easily added after purchasing the wheel itself. Woolee Winders and Woolee bobbins may be purchased through the store.

Wheels built prior to August 2010 (#152 and earlier) require replacing several parts to fit the Woolee Winder. The cost for this retrofit is $30 (in addition to your Woolee Winder purchase) and includes installation & testing, and return UPS shipping to US addresses (AK & HI additional). Your wheel will remain functional with your original hardwood flyer and bobbins.

Please contact me prior to shipping your wheel, some older wheels have already been made "Woolee-ready" during an earlier tune-up.