Repair parts

If your new wheel is not operating properly, please contact me so I can make it right.  If it's been previously spinning fine but recently started misbehaving (and the adjustments haven't helped), I'll work with you to get it working.

If your older wheel isn't working properly, I can perform repairs and a general tune-up on your wheel.  For most repairs, you need only cover round-trip shipping. Please contact me prior to shipping your wheel, as a simple adjustment may help.

If the mainspring on your older two-rod wheel is no longer keeping the o-ring in contact with the big wheel, read this page for tips.  You may need the mechanism updated to use the new crank and mainspring, which can be performed in my shop (contact me for details and pricing).

If you'd prefer to repair a wheel yourself, some easily replaced parts are listed in our web store, many with free shipping.  Please note that many of the wheels built prior to #100 (early 2009) used a different mechanism than the current production wheels, and would need parts custom fabricated.