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The copper veneers are each unique, and add a tremendous amount of visual impact. The copper sheets themselves are created by a metals artist in the Midwest using heat, various chemicals, and sometimes lengthy exposure to earth or water. 

Like the wood veneers, the copper is strongly bonded to the 
composite core in my shop veneer press, then multiple protective layers of a clearcoat are applied to protect during normal use and travel. Please note that, while deep scratches in the wood veneer can be "touched up" and hidden, deep scratches in the copper cannot be hidden and will become part of the patina.

Since the copper can only be used on the "show" side of the big wheel (the face opposite the drive mechanism), the "work" side can be either a standard wood veneer or one of the fancier wood veneers.

Here are photos of the current copper veneers in my supply, as well as some examples of completed wheels. There are other copper veneer patterns and colors available, so let me know if you'd like to explore different options.